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Government Incentives Services

Increasing production and employment, increasing international competitiveness and encouraging strategic investments with high regional and large scale investments in research and development, increasing international direct investments, reducing regional development disparities, Clustering and environmental protection as well as research and development activities.

This is in accordance with the investment incentive system; General, regional, large-scale and strategic investments.

From government grants,

  • Capital companies,

  • Individual companies,

  • Foundations,

  • Associations,

  • Cooperatives can benefit


In addition, the state has the opportunity to benefit from the incentives it has applied to new entrepreneurs.


It is possible for companies seeking to expand the operation of TÜBİTAK incentives for Research and Development.

Purchase, advance and close of Investment Incentive Certificate

  • Southern Marmara Development Agency Grant Programs

  •  Rural Development Grant Programs

  •  Processes of Processing Permission Documents

  •  Tariff quota transactions

  •  EU Grant Programs


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