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Our mission

We, the BÜYÜKBALKAN family;
To create a reliable, high quality boutique service for your company that we entrust to us by knowing our customers' questions and problems without compromising our professional ethics, transparency, honesty, confidentiality and discipline principles and to offer solution focused service beyond expectation for unlimited customer satisfaction.

Audit Process

Audit Service; Professional, knowledgeable, independent, meticulous professionals are the type of service provided by the professions in the company and entirely outside.

The audit service is healthy only if the audit procedures and activities are carried out in accordance with the scientific principles, audit standards, ethical rules, by 'competent' persons with sufficient professional competence, by showing the necessary professional care and diligence.

The need for Audit Service is expanding at an increasing rate, and of course the audit reveals that the globalization movement, which is constantly influencing, must be done to convince others of the Audit Service.

Transparency and correctness of the accounts of the companies can only be done by experts.

As a result; In a company called Independent Audit, the rights of all partners are better protected. The company provides trust in society.

Our vision

To integrate our experience and knowledge with our innovative and dynamic understanding and continue to be a pioneer and an example to our profession.

Process management

Organizations need processes to meet the needs and expectations of customers who benefit from the products or services they produce.


While Process Management can be applied to existing functional and hierarchical organizational structures, "Process Management" brings the question of many classic managerial approaches, especially the organizational structure.
In process and management, the traditional functional and hierarchical organizational structure is changing, tasks and cadre titles are being reshaped according to the processes.


While some of the leading organizations of our country implement the management understanding of processes, some of them are implementing processes by management or in other words process based organizations. In order to be able to implement the management understanding with processes, it is necessary to have a concept of process management.

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