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Accounting Services

Within the scope of the powers that were defined in the Law No. 3568 on Freelance Accountants, Certified Public Accountants and Certified Public Accountants,

According to the Turkish Commercial Code, the establishment of capital companies, the holding and registration of legal accounts of these capital companies,

Monthly Value Added Tax, Concise, Preparing declarations and notices of Social Security Institution and giving them to the tax office in internet environment,

Preparation of quarterly tax declarations and tax return,

Preparation and confirmation of BA and BS forms and sending them to the tax office,

Preparation of Bilanco and Income Table together with Bottom notes and annexes

Annual Corporate Income Tax declaration and Income Tax declaration transactions

Monthly payroll processing of insured employees

Similar to these works,
These services are also provided to businesses that hold business accounts (private companies) and self-employed professionals (lawyers, architects, designers, etc.).



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