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1-We can say that if we make the definition of occupational health and safety, we are "systematic and scientific studies aimed at protecting the conditions that may cause harm to health caused by various reasons during the execution of work in the workplace".

2- Occupational health and safety in the European Union began to be dealt with heavily from the 1980s. In particular, the Directive 89/391 / EEC on occupational health and safety issued in 1989 was adopted as a framework directive in the field of occupational health and safety and thereafter a number of individual directives were issued based on this framework directive.

In general terms, we can list the aims of work health and work safety studies as follows;

A) Protect Employees

It is the main objective of occupational health and safety studies. It is aimed to provide the integrity of the soul and body by protecting workers against occupational diseases and occupational accidents.

B) Ensuring Production Safety

Provision of production safety in a workplace is especially important from an economic point of view as it will result in increased productivity.

C) Ensuring Operational Safety

Operational safety is ensured by measures to be taken at the workplace, such as machine accidents that may arise due to work accidents or insecure and unhealthy work environments, and situations that could jeopardize operations such as explosions, fire, etc. are removed.
As can be understood, occupational health and work safety require a multi-faceted work. During the studies, science, physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, economics, sociology, psychology and ergonomics are used.
The study area covers all business lines. Naturally, there are some differences in each business line.

Despite all work done on occupational health and safety, it has been determined that occupational accidents and occupational diseases can not be reduced to the desired level.

Occupational diseases can not be determined adequately, but work accidents can be detected in large scale.

Work accidents coming to the square are in the form of final cuts, injuries, electric shocks, poisonings, skin diseases, fractures, organ losses, deaths and mass deaths.

If we summarize occupational health and safety at once; It would be appropriate to say "it is the name of a human-centered approach".(Özden OSGB)

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