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Property Tax Services

The real estate tax collected by the municipalities since 1986 is a direct tax type from immovables.
Property owners like building, land are responsible for paying real estate tax annually. The real estate tax is included in the objective tax group and has continuity.


The real estate tax, which is also known as wealth tax, is two kinds;

  • Building tax

  • Land tax

How to apply for a real estate tax application?
Applications are filed to the municipality where the immovable is bound, and real estate tax payment procedures are started.

Documents required for application;

  • Title deed and photocopy

  • Identity card and photocopy

  • Building permission and photocopy

  • Address of building (Residence, tax number)

  • Stamp stamp for the year of application

These documents are prepared and applications are made to the real estate tax department of the related municipality.
How to make real estate tax payments
Payment can be made in one or two stages during the year. Real estate tax payments are received in January and November.

The total amount of real estate tax can be paid in one installment or in two installments during these payment periods.

How is the real estate tax calculated?


  • Tax payment is calculated at different rates for land, land, residence and work places. These rates are calculated over the minimum fair value within the tax year.

Tax rates;

  • Plot: 6%

  • Land: 3%

  • Occupations:% 2

  • Workplaces: 4%

It should also be noted that the tax rates specified for immovables within the municipal boundaries of the metropolitan city are calculated in two-fold increments.

How is the real estate tax paid?

  • The real estate tax being collected by the municipalities can be made directly to the municipality where the building, plot, land is connected. In addition, the real estate taxpayer number and the PTT transfer or tax payments are made to the bank accounts of the municipalities.

  • Another option is payment from the internet. With the "e-municipality" system, real estate tax can be made online. Since the "e-municipality", a system that is yet to be counted, is not implemented by all municipalities, you can pay by this way if your municipality has an internet payment.


In case of exceeding the exemption amount in real estate rent income, you have to be in Income Tax Declaration in April as annual GMSI.

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